A more complete map of Port St Mary

Map of Port St Mary
The map of Port St Mary has recently received some attention, with most of its buildings now mapped out and available to view through themap.im.

The map is now one of the most detailed maps of Port St Mary available online. The official Isle of Man Government street map has more detailed information such as house names and numbers, but the big online mapping providers such as Google (map) and Yahoo (map) are lacking much of the detail we have in our maps of Port St Mary.

Though our map looks nice, there is still more information which can be added around the village. For instance, we don't have any bus stops on the map, we don't have many local businesses, and we don't have much house numbering or naming information.

If you are local to the village and would like to help improve the map further, why not try our steps for editing the map, or simply drop us a note through either of the feedback or add to the map forms.